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Points to Consider Before Purchasing Vacation Rental Property

Achieve your goals. Earn from your investments. Invest in vacation rental properties and develop them into popular and profitable business venues. The short-term rental industry is here to stay. Guests and travelers flock to these destinations for all vacations and short visits. If you want to be a part of this booming market and wish to purchase a vacation rental property, there are numerous issues that you need to research and be aware of. 

Firstly you need to decide what type of short-term rental you want as an investment. The other thing is if you want professional property management. After these primary matters are determined, you can move on to other considerations.

What kinds of short-term rentals do you need to consider before purchasing a vacation property? Different categories of short-term rentals might be divided into entire homes, accessory residences, a room, or rooms.

Types of Short-term Rentals 

Entire Homes or Apartments

A whole house can be considered a short-term rental if the owner lives there but rents out the house for a short period, a few days or weeks of a year. The maximum number of days for renting the property can be fixed in a year.

If the owner is absent and rents out the house for a set number of days per year, this would be considered a short-term vacation rental too.

Accessory Residences 

If a portion of a home is rented out by the proprietor, for example, a garage or an attic, or if there is an addition to the house, such as a guest house or lodge built for the specific purpose of renting out, it is considered a short term rental, even if the owner resides there for some part of the year.

On the other hand, an absent property owner can only do this if they don’t reside there.

A Room or Rooms 

A room or a few rooms can be rented out annually, with the owner partially or fully in residence during the year; it is considered a short-term rental.

If the proprietor rents out rooms or a room for some time of the year and is absent, this is also considered a short-term rental.

Having chosen the type of vacation rental to buy for your investment, the next step would be determining if the need for professional property management is right for you. 

There are more advantages than disadvantages to employing a rental management firm. A well-known and experienced company like ours can make your investment journey easy and smooth. From assisting you in buying the best vacation property investments to setting up your business and managing it, we will be there every step.

Property Management 

Property management plays a vital role in your vacation rentals. Managing any business requires professional knowledge and industry wisdom. A person setting up alone can flounder in the sea of do’s and don’ts. Most owners need to be aware of compliance and community security rules and regulations. Managing a vacation home involves a never-ending and confusing list of tasks. A real estate management company can provide you with invaluable insights and solutions.

Your chances of succeeding as a vacation rental owner are tripled when a specialist management team works for your best interests.

The Plan 

Every business person needs an agenda they can follow to invest in vacation rental properties. A business plan to manage strategies, tactics, important dates, business milestones, and the inflow and outflow of cash. A plan is most useful for people starting in business to ascertain growth, financial status, and landmarks against your initial projected growth. 

Professional business management can utilize this to meet challenges quickly and efficiently and make and respond to opportunities. With set deadlines and expected milestones, with a budget, you are all ready to start.

Real estate management has a basic plan that you can break up as follows;

Basic strategy

This is part of the plan to make clear your target customer base, the values, and the mission of your business. Your long-term goals should also be included.

Steps to implement the strategy 

Our staff is accomplished to set your business strategies in motion with speed and faultless execution. Vacation rental property management requires extensive marketing decisions, like listings, social media, websites, and other marketing means. Rent rates, maintenance costs, legal fees, and opening-day expenses are all made to give you a great roadmap to follow for the success of your vacation rental.

Calculating progress 

We monitor your progress with a business dashboard, which gives you a clear idea of the operating status of your business in real-time. This graph also visualizes all data to understand better your performance, landmarks, sales projection, available budget, and cash flow. This allows you to see the difference between your projected and actual state. You can make strategic decisions and changes in your basic plan by tracking performance and progress to benefit your business more comprehensively.

The Competition 

The best vacation property investments are made with detailed research. The hospitality industry is extraordinarily widespread. Besides tourism and business stays, many of the populace are into ‘getaways.’ Getaways from work, from routine, or stress. Mainly remote regions cater to this kind of short vacation. Short-term rentals are popular these days—the more different the experience, the better. Whatever the style or place you invest in, knowing the kind and amount of competition is essential. For example, suppose there is a popular tourist attraction in a locale. In that case, there will surely be many vacation homes available to make it easier for tourists to visit that famous spot.

Kitsap Vacation Rental Management can find the most promising location to start your establishment and aid you in your vacation home management. You can maximize your income by picking a property in a desirable area. We will provide insight into how guests think about your preferred location, helping you decide where to open your vacation rental.

The Property 

Consulting a real estate management company will profit you greatly. Apart from finding a great locale, there are additional specifications for selecting rental properties. The property is in the starring role of a vacation rental. Before anything, the property has to positively impact the guests, as it is the first thing they see. And a first impression should be the best impression. So the property criteria are to be looked into with detailed attention. Some things to decide before purchasing vacation rental properties are;

The Size 

The property setup you prefer should be straightforward. Do you want an entire house or an apartment? Or are you inclined towards a smaller option, like one or more rooms? This is a crucial decision to make and should be given due consideration.

How Old a Property is 

Old buildings require more upkeep and maintenance. This is not feasible for a novice property investor. Professional property management can make a difference by reinventing the old property within your budget. However, it’s a more innovative option to buy something new.


Calculating all repairs to be done, all new furniture to be put in, and all interior design to be built and created is essential. Best property management like us will give you the most achievable and pocket-friendly solutions for your property.

The price 

This is, of course, the most crucial consideration to be made. It would help if you only thought of investing in property that you can afford. Any investment is risky, and making wise financial choices can save you later.

Start Smart 

Before you invest in vacation rentals, you should think of your budget. A lavish or large vacation home isn’t the answer if your budget is limited. A smaller house or apartment or a few rooms are easier to manage and organize than a larger one. Most guests prefer to stay in a small cozy, and comfortable place. Airbnb is hugely popular, and it started with small establishments. Many people use the vacation property as just a place to sleep and are out and about to amuse themselves during the daytime. So size is the least important factor for most people.

These are some points to give due consideration to when contemplating purchasing vacation rental properties. The business plan, type of short-term rental, property, location, and competition can make or break your business. Researching all these topics with professional property management or best property management in Suquamish can make your ideas clear and provide the momentum you need. We are a trusted and reliable property management company that utilizes all our resources and industry know-how to satisfy our clients in realizing their dreams. Our mission is exceptional service from the word go to all the evolving stages of our client’s investments.

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