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Kitsap Vacation Rental Management (Kitsap ) is a premium real estate management company. We specialize in running vacation rentals attractively and productively for homeowners and renters alike.

We’ll do everything ourselves, so you don’t have to. Kitsap gives you the comforts of a second home without the hassles of actual ownership.

Professional services for buying vacation rentals, including motels, VRBOs, corporate estates, and AirBnBs, are offered by Kitsap. Whether this is your first or fifth property investment, we can help you to develop and sell holiday rentals.

Get in touch immediately if you want the inconveniences of vacation property ownership after buying a short-term rental property to be taken care of by a professional management crew.


Please fill out the contact form below to book a meeting, or see our FAQs to learn more about vacation rentals to buy and their management once you decide to invest in vacation rentals