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The Kitsap is a high-end vacation rental property management company that helps singles and families enjoy the blossoming Silverdale, Lancashire.

Looking for Short-Term Rental Property? We Are Here for You!

Kitsap welcomes you to its excellent short-term rental property management services, such as lodgings for visitors. Venues we pick have remarkable architecture, exquisite interior design, and ambiance that will make your perfect vacations come to life.


Give Kitsap A Chance, And You Won’t Regret

Nothing can be accomplished single-handedly. Freelancers and co-hosts are also not able to provide adequate assistance. As a result, it is crucial to employ the services of a rental property management or a competent agent.

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Meet the Founders

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Serving the hospitality industry for more than 15 years, Michael has developed a deep understanding of the guest experience. He’s worked across various industry segments in popular destinations such as Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, events, and now, vacation rentals.

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Mathew is an operations specialist from Wisconsin. He’s a natural when it comes to managing long, complex projects. With a background in commercial real estate, construction, and development, Mathew’s ability to navigate land use challenges, city regulations, and contractors is top-notch. 

Our Origin Story

We booked our first AirBnB as a guest in 2014 and were immediately impressed at how seamless the experience was. In just a few swipes of a finger, we could book a vacation home for the night without dealing with the hassle of checking in at the front desk, swiping credit cards, signing waivers and all the other minutiae associated with the typical hotel experience.

“This is different,” we thought… “These guys are definitely onto something.”

So AirBnB became the first choice for our travel accommodations. Around that same time, Uber started gaining a lot of traction and rolling out their services in many different markets across the country. All of a sudden, in just a few swipes of a finger, we could book a taxi that would arrive in minutes.

“What is this black magic?”
Just a few years earlier, the thought of putting your kid in the back of a car with a complete strange was absurd. Now it was one of the most popular means of transportation.

It seemed like new apps were popping up every day, each with their own unique twist on enhancing the traveling experience.


Why Kitsap?

  • Kitsap is a name of the intellectual business and ideal vacation.
  • Intelligent people enjoy a brighter future. Since we run our enterprise less like a conventional property management agency and more like an asset management firm, we prefer to think of ourselves as guardians of the collaborative economy.
  • Using cutting-edge tools and first-rate service, we transform idle assets like vacation homes, undeveloped land, vehicles, and recreational vehicles into rental products that generate income.
  • Since we’re so good at what we do, tourists have unforgettable adventures while you print money with little effort.
  • Our turnkey management services will simplify the process if you’re interested in investing in short-term rentals. It’s unfair that you have to shell out money to maintain a second property. You should be compensated for using your holiday property.